starting the year off right


We’ve had quite the dismal January 1 here in Pierson, Florida – cold and rainy.  But, days like this give horse people a good excuse to catch up on inside horsey things, and I’ve meant to start this blog for years.  Like many other writers, I excel at procrastinating – thinking about how I really need to write (I have, after all, put a lot of time and money into an undergraduate and partial graduate degree.), becoming overwhelmed by all the things I could write about, wondering how I could tie everything together and make it manageable.  And then I would go ride instead.

Mark Twain, or possibly some unknown person before him, advised, “Write what you know.” The answer is simple for me.  Horses.  And while I definitely don’t know everything, writing about those “light bulb moments” – when your jumping coach tells you to soften your elbows and you can’t believe no one else has said that to you or how amazing the result is even when you’re working on your dressage test – those moments when you finally know something, I can write about.

Today must be the trifecta I’ve needed: cold, rainy and a new year.  I’ve finally put my fingers to the keyboard, and I’m not exactly sure where this blog will go, but this is the premise I’m starting it with.  So I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures, misadventures, successes and humbling moments (failures) as a young professional in this crazy horse world.


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